Open a command window

A command window (sometimes referred to greybeards as a "DOS box") is often used by administrators to issue basic and simple commands or make or view configurations. Here are the procedures if you are instructed to open a command window. You then type text commands completed by pressing ENTER. The mouse has no effect inside the command window.

Choose Run from the Start menu and type cmd into the box.(Fig A) Click OK. This opens a white-on-black window with a flashing cursor where you can type basic DOS commands.(Fig B Run box
Fig A
Caution: you can quickly do damage to your data or computer from this window. To minimize the opportunity to do so, change to a non-critical folder. From My Computer, create or verify that you have folder on the C: drive called Temp. Back in the Command window, type cd c:\temp and press Enter. DOS box
Fig B
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