To create a shortcut to Explorer

If, like me, you live in Windows Explorer, you are constantly navigating to folders like C:\My Documents\Customers\Acme\June1999. You can create a shortcut to this location by right-clicking the folder and selecting "Create Shortcut." This is also an option when you right drag a folder to a different location on the disc. Double-clicking this shortcut opens Explorer at that folder.

I create a folder on my desktop to hold shortcuts to folders. Now, I can immediately open a frequently-used folder without having to drill down into my disc structure. Any window that shows the disc tree will have the your folder of shortcuts right there at the bottom of the list of the desktop contents. The great thing is that you can click a folder shortcut from any dialog that shows folders and it will take you to your destination.

If you want to open Explorer with a folder as the top level so the button will go no farther, follow these directions. (This is like what you get when you choose Start Menu Programs | Advanced from the Taskbar Properties dialog.)

Now when you double-click this command, you can't see any folders above [path].

You may get some anomalous results if you are using Windows98 and viewing Explorer as a web page.

Deconstructing the command line:

C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE starts the program Windows Explorer.

/e, says to use the Explorer 2-pane view rather than My Computer single pane.

/root,[path] is your starting point.

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