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These are articles I have written in the course of 20 years in computer support. Some have been published, some are guides I wrote for one person, and thought may be useful to others. Many are seriously dated or specific to one environment. Read or ignore ...

Some articles are presented as a downloadable Microsoft Word document. If you don't have a compatible word processor, a free viewer is available from Microsoft. Some may be zipped archives. We're fans of WinZip. All files were created under continuous antivirus protection.

Readings from my blog

How to steal an election    (All Rights Reserved)
A 2016 article describing the effort required to change a North Carolina state-wide election.    

Book draft in process: Safety, Security, Privacy - how to protect your data in the modern world.


Open a command window. What to do when someone asks you to open a "DOS box". (10/07)

Goodbye - Hello. What to do when you walk away from the computer. (7/04)

Windows XP Service Pack 2. Thoughts before you update. (8/04)

Technical articles

Readings for home networking 

Diagnosing network problems (using IPCONFIG) The first place to figure out why you're not connected. (10/07)

Kiss the phone company goodbye! Anyone can use the internet for all their calls. (9/04)

Getting ready for broadband. Buy and configure a wireless router before you plug in to the internet.  (10/04) 

Uber-Backup. Don't buy a tape drive, protect your data on a removable hard disc. (7/04)

Update WinXP. What to do with Windows XP Service Pack 2. (9/04)


Graphics articles

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Archives of seriously outdated items

Preparing for disaster (1994)

Some things to read while you're waiting for that download

Mass transit - Charlotte 2020

Index of more items

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